Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Man and the Movie Camera

The Man and the Movie Camera by Dziga Vertov.

" . . . Vertov stands halfway between Baudelaire's Flaneur and today's computer user: no longer just a pedestrian walking down a street, but not yet Gibson's data cowboy who zooms through pure data armed with data-mining algorithms. In his research on what can be called "kino-eye interface," Vertov systematically tried different ways to overcome what he thought were the limits of human vision. He mounted cameras on the roof of a building and a moving automobile; he slowed and sped up film speed; he superimposed a number of images together in time and space temporal montage within a shot). Man with a Movie Camera is not only a database of city life in the 1920's, a database of film techniques, and a database of new operations of visual epistemology, but also a database of new interface operations that other aim to go beyond simple human navigation through physical space." -Lev Manovich The Language of New Media

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